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  • Food Allergy Match and Identify Printables

    Practice recognizing allergens These fun, free, food allergy match and identify printables help kids identify their allergens. Match the word with the picture of each of the top 8 allergens and identify which foods contain certain allergens.  Talk to your child about which of the foods are possibly unsafe and cross those out and color the safe foods. […]

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  • Replacing Nuts In Recipes

    Turning an ‘unsafe’ recipe into a nut-free recipe While it may take a bit of trial and error. Depending on what you are cooking there are lots of options available to experiment with. Pin the chart below for some ideas next time you experiment with a recipe Nut Butter Replacements For sandwiches or recipes that use […]

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  • Babysitter Emergency Info Forms

    Food allergy specific emergency forms for sitters Easy to fill out and read babysitter emergency info forms give caregivers important information at a quick glance. Leave a detailed listing of contact information, safe snacks, allergies and other important info. Write out clearly the emergency action plan and what to do when calling 911 if needed. Babysitter […]

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  • Me and My Food Allergies

    How do you keep yourself safe? These food allergy themed coloring pages help kids learn about food allergies and keeping themselves safe. Draw yourself and write down your allergens and how to keep yourself safe. Kids can draw “me and my food allergies” and talk about how hand washing, label reading with a trusted grown-up, […]

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  • Other Common Allergens Word Searches

    3 Different levels of difficulty Other Allergen Word Searches Available Kids will learn how to recognize and spell the top 8 common allergens. Knowing how to identify allergens helps with label reading which is an important skill to learn for those will food allergies. For more food allergy word searches click here  

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