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Do you have a physical store location?

No, our entire shop is through the online marketplace Zazzle. They ship worldwide, have an excellent return policy and allow us to place our designs on hundreds of products with endless customization options for customers. 

How can I get coupons?

We frequently post on Facebook and Twitter with Zazzle coupon codes so please follow us! Check out the latest coupons available here.

How can I get free shipping?

The best way to shop on Zazzle is to join Zazzle Black.  Get free shipping, exclusive discounts, and much more. Join and enjoy the benefits for free for the first 30days! 

Do you ship world wide?

Yes, our items ship via Zazzle and will ship world wide.

What if I need to return an item I purchased?

100% return guarantee. Details here.

I like a design that is on a shirt but I wanted it on a different item.

We are able to put any of our designs on a product offered by Zazzle. Contact us and let us know what you like to purchase and we can try to make what you are looking for.

How can I customize my items?

Check out our TIPS AND TRICKS on customizing orders from Zazzle. Most of our items have a text template where you can just swap out the example name for your child’s name on a product. By leaving the text template blank you can remove the name from the item if you wish. 

I have an idea for a product can you make it? 

If you have an idea for a printable or a product in our store please let us know! Feel free to contact us with requests or ideas. 



How do I open printables?

Click on the link below the image, all the printables are in PDF files. It will pop up automatically to download. If it does not pop up you need to install Adobe Reader here.

Can I edit the printables?

Unfortunately no. Since the printables are custom designed with fonts and graphics and saved in PDF file you will not be able to edit them. Please see our Terms and Services for more details on why you are not able to edit, modify or copy these images as they are copyright to Lil Allergy Advocates.

How can I re-size the printables?

When you open the PDF file a box will pop open with options. Look at the preview box that shows the printable. Please notice if any areas of the printable are cut off you will need to either ‘fit to page’ or ‘scale to page’ to adjust the margins for the printable area. There are also options to print 2 per page or more in the printing options.

The colors look different when I print, what am I doing wrong?

The images displayed on computer screens vary greatly, what you see on your screen and what prints may not be a perfect match. Printers also vary greatly depending on what settings you use when you print. Please expect some variation from screen to paper. Make sure to select the type of paper you use in the printer options (cardstock, glossy photo paper, plain paper, etc.) as this can effect the outcome of the color as well.

What type of paper should I use?

What paper to use is largely dependent on what you are printing. For printables that will be colored or games that will be written on such as the word searches or coloring pages we recommend plain white paper or card stock. For the printable valentines thicker paper such as glossy or matte photo paper or card stock may be preferred.

What margins should I use?

Most printables, unless otherwise noted, are designed with .5inch margins on all sides. By choosing ‘none’ for the margins in the printer options the graphics will still be in the printable area for most printer default settings. If you find what you are printing to be outside the margins adjust your printers settings to ‘fit to printer margins’ or choose a custom setting.

Can I share the printables?

We are glad you are enjoying the printables! You are encouraged to use the printables for personal and classroom use. If you want to pin or share on Facebook please pass on the image from the post that it features NOT the printable itself. Also PLEASE give proper credit to the site linking directly to the post with images of the printable. Please see the Terms and Restrictions page for more details on sharing and using images.

Who hosts your site?

Lil Allergy Advocates is hosted, designed, and maintained by Windy Hill Web Solutions.



Want to advertise on this site?

Lil Allergy Advocates is currently considering sidebar advertisements for appropriate companies. Please contact us with advertisement inquiries.


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