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  • Super Hero Coloring Pages

    Who are your advocates? An advocate is someone who supports and speaks up for another person or a cause. When you have a food allergy you can be your own advocate and keep yourself safe and healthy. These coloring pages let kids draw themselves, their family, or friends, anyone who helps keeps them safe and […]

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  • Food Allergy Awareness Week 2015

    Food Allergy Awareness Week is May 10th – 16th 2015 Spread some awareness for Food Allergy Awareness Week 2015 with food allergy friendly images. Pin some of the images below or save them to use as a facebook profile picture. Scroll down to some links on ideas on how to raise awareness. Please do not use […]

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  • Replacing Nuts In Recipes

    Turning an ‘unsafe’ recipe into a nut-free recipe While it may take a bit of trial and error. Depending on what you are cooking there are lots of options available to experiment with. Pin the chart below for some ideas next time you experiment with a recipe Nut Butter Replacements For sandwiches or recipes that use […]

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  • Babysitter Emergency Info Forms

    Food allergy specific emergency forms for sitters Easy to fill out and read babysitter emergency info forms give caregivers important information at a quick glance. Leave a detailed listing of contact information, safe snacks, allergies and other important info. Write out clearly the emergency action plan and what to do when calling 911 if needed. Babysitter […]

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  • Me and My Food Allergies

    How do you keep yourself safe? These food allergy themed coloring pages help kids learn about food allergies and keeping themselves safe. Draw yourself and write down your allergens and how to keep yourself safe. Kids can draw “me and my food allergies” and talk about how hand washing, label reading with a trusted grown-up, […]

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  • Food Free Valentine Ideas Non Candy Valentine Ideas

    Valentine’s Day without candy! Whether you are avoiding candy for a valentine’s treat for food allergy or other reasons there are so many ideas to choose from. Kids can enjoy making cards for their friends with a fun trinket that lasts longer than a piece of candy. There are so many non-candy Valentine ideas to choose […]

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