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  • allergy alert button Product Spotlight: Allergy Alert Button

      Personalized Pinback Buttons One of our popular personalized allergy items is the pinback button. These buttons come in a variety of sizes and designs. Pinback buttons can be attached to children’s clothing to warn others not to feed your child. These are especially useful for younger or nonverbal children. Buttons can also be attached […]

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  • Round Up Popular Products Best Sellers

    Our Most Popular Allergy Products I design custom party supplies, home decor, and kids items at Sam Ann Designs and it has been SO fun. Working with the print on demand company Zazzle allows me to design a HUGE variety of items and let customers personalize their own details. This format fits so PERFECTLY for my […]

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  • Tips to Customize Allergy Alert Lunch Box Tips to Customize Allergy Alert Lunch Box

    Allergy Alert Lunch Boxes Our personalized allergy alert lunch boxes are a popular choice for parents and kids. They can be used for bringing safe lunch to school, storing allergy-friendly snacks in the classroom, toting around medicine or for bringing snacks to a playdate. We offer many different design styles on the Yubo lunchbox through our […]

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  • Personalized Allergy Alert Large Tags Update Personalized Allergy Alert Large Tags Update

    Personalized Allergy Alert Large Tags Update Our large luggage sized tags are one of the best sellers from our online store through Zazzle. They are great to attach to book bags, tote bags, lunch boxes, and medicine kits. We have a variety of styles that help alert to specific food allergies and help note where epinephrine is […]

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  • carrying safe snacks Carrying Safe Snacks

    Food Allergies on the Go Most kids with food allergies carry snacks wherever they go. Whether you are off to school, daycare, a day at grandma’s house or just a short road trip there are lots of options to store your safe treats. These snack containers can also act as allergy alerts to other caregivers […]

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  • Personalized Allergy Alert Large Tags Update Multiple Food Allergy Bag Tags

    Finding the right combination of allergens Personalize your own multiple food allergy bag tags. Create a custom allergy alert to attach to book bags, medicine kits or lunch boxes.  If you can’t find what you are looking for contact us and we will try to design something for your needs. Check out some of our […]

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