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  • Food Free Valentines

    Less Food, More Fun Need some Ideas for food free valentines? Valentine’s day often brings on tons of candy and baked goods. This can be an issue with dealing with food allergies or other dietary restrictions. Many classroom parties for kids are suggesting non-food treats which are a healthier and often less messy option. Avoiding a […]

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  • Food Free Christmas Party Ideas

    UPDATED NOV 2016 Winter holiday parties at school often involve tons of treats but with the rise of food allergies many classrooms are opting for food free celebrations. Food sneaks into parties not only as snacks but often many crafts make use of food items. Old jars of peanut butter, re-purposed baby food jars, egg […]

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  • Non Food Advent Calendars Food Free Advent Calendars

    Counting Down to Christmas UPDATED NOV 2017 Advent Calendars are a fun tradition used to count or celebrate the days in anticipation of Christmas. Consecutive doors are opened every day leading up to Christmas. When the doors are opened they reveal an image, poem, or a small toy, candy or chocolate item. While there are many fun chocolate […]

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  • Food Free Valentine Ideas Non Candy Valentine Ideas

    Valentine’s Day without candy! Whether you are avoiding candy for a valentine’s treat for food allergy or other reasons there are so many ideas to choose from. Kids can enjoy making cards for their friends with a fun trinket that lasts longer than a piece of candy. There are so many non-candy Valentine ideas to choose […]

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  • Free printable food free valentine rulers Valentine’s Day You Rule Free Printable

      Valentine You RULE! There are so many non-food treat ideas for Valentines Day to choose from. Kids can get involved in helping make these for their friends and classmates. Doubling as a stencil, these colorful rulers will make a fun addition to their art supplies. Below is a link to free printable for the […]

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  • Free printable food free valentine cars Valentine’s Day Wheelie Like You Card Printable

      I “Wheelie” Like You! Valentines Day does not have to mean candy and more candy. There are many non-food treat ideas that kids will find very fun. They are easy to make and last a lot longer than a lollipop. Below is a link to free printable for these I “wheelie” like you Valentine. Available […]

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