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  • Food Free Birthday Ideas Food Free Birthday Ideas For School

      Food Free & Inclusive  Many schools have opted for food-free birthday celebrations for the classroom. Non-food celebrations are more inclusive for ALL students with food allergies or other dietary restrictions. Besides allergies, there are other reasons to keep food out of the classroom. Have you ever cleaned up spilled red fruit punch or milk? […]

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  • Non Candy Halloween Ideas

      Allergy Safe Halloween Treats Food-free Halloween ideas are always a great idea for those with food allergies or special diets. With the popularity the FARE’s Teal Pumpkin Project it is helpful to share some non-candy ideas with friends and family! *This post contains some affiliate links *UPDATED FOR 2021 In a hurry? Quick shopping list of […]

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  • Free Printable Teal Pumpkin Free Printable Teal Pumpkin Non Food Treat Signs

      Free Printable Teal Pumpkin Non-Food Treat Signs Food allergy-friendly trick or treating signs for Halloween. Click to download these free printable signs for your home. Let others know you have non-food treats available for little ones. Two versions are available with giant teal pumpkin.   Allergy-Friendly Trick or Treat Signs   Non-Candy Halloween Treat […]

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  • Food Free Advent Calendars

    Counting Down to Christmas *UPDATED 2021 Advent Calendars are a fun tradition used to count or celebrate the days in anticipation of Christmas. Consecutive doors are opened every day leading up to Christmas. When the doors are opened they reveal an image, poem, or a small toy, candy, or chocolate item. While there are many […]

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  • Food Free Gingerbread Houses

    *UPDATED FOR 2021 An Allergy Safe Spin On A Classic Tradition We compiled a list of some fun food-free alternatives to the traditional gingerbread house. Using non-food materials that are allergy-safe can be a fun way to avoid store-bought food kits filled with allergies. These ideas can be used at home or at a classroom […]

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  • Food Free Christmas Party Ideas

    *UPDATED 2021 Winter holiday parties at school often involve tons of treats but with the rise of food allergies, many classrooms are opting for food-free celebrations. Food sneaks into parties not only as snacks but often many crafts make use of food items. Old jars of peanut butter, re-purposed baby food jars, egg cartons, dried […]

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