Food Free Christmas Party Ideas


Winter holiday parties at school often involve tons of treats but with the rise of food allergies, many classrooms are opting for food-free celebrations. Food sneaks into parties not only as snacks but often many crafts make use of food items. Old jars of peanut butter, re-purposed baby food jars, egg cartons, dried noodles, and other food items are often used in crafts. Games such as bobbing for apples and bingo using food as markers can make children with restricted diets feel excluded. For a true food allergy-friendly inclusive event no food products should be used.


Food Free Christmas Party Ideas

Below is a list of some fun ideas for inclusive food-free Christmas party ideas for crafts and games. Follow the links for some more step-by-step instructions.*Post contains some affiliate links

Tip: Avoid all food residue from recycled, old popsicle sticks, bottle caps, or baby food jars by checking out craft stores for new supplies.


Food Free Crafts Ideas


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