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  • Free Printable Teal Pumpkin Free Printable Teal Pumpkin Non Food Treat Signs

      Free Printable Teal Pumpkin Non-Food Treat Signs Food allergy-friendly trick or treating signs for Halloween. Click to download these free printable signs for your home. Let others know you have non-food treats available for little ones. Two versions are available with giant teal pumpkin.   Allergy-Friendly Trick or Treat Signs   Non-Candy Halloween Treat […]

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  • Free Printables Nut Free Free Printable Nut Free School Signs

      Free Printable Nut Free School Signs Some schools are completely nut-free while others have designated areas that are free from peanuts or nuts. Sometimes that area is just one table in the cafeteria. We have designed a few free printables for download for use at school or daycare. Click the images below to download […]

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  • Food Allergy Word Search Food Allergy Word Search

      Spell and Recognize Allergens with Word Searches Word searches help children learn their allergens as sight words and learn how to spell them. This can be a great activity for early label reading skills and for kids to practice recognizing their allergens as ingredients.  As parents know, when you are allergic to something like dairy you […]

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  • Free Nut Free Classroom Signs Free Nut Free Classroom Signs

      Free Nut Free Classroom Signs Free printables for your nut-free classrooms and schools. Many daycare centers, classrooms, lunchrooms, or even entire schools are peanut or peanut and tree nut-free areas. Make sure you have a prominent sign to alert others to the nut allergy-friendly zones. Click the images below to download and print out […]

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  • Food Allergy Match and Identify Printables Food Allergy Match and Identify Printables

      Practice Recognizing Allergens These fun, free, food allergy match and identify printables help kids identify their allergens. Match the word with the picture of each of the top 8 allergens and identify which foods contain certain allergens.  Talk to your child about which of the foods are possibly unsafe and cross those out and color the […]

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  • Allergic Reactions Described Allergic Reactions Described

      Kids vs Health Care Professionals Kids, especially young children, might not easily describe the feelings they are having during an allergic reaction. Health care professionals may have explained to parents the symptoms to look for: hives, vomiting, chest pain, difficulty swallowing, etc. Kids on the other hand my describe things very differently. See the […]

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