Allergic Reactions Described

Allergic Reactions Described


Kids vs Health Care Professionals

Kids, especially young children, might not easily describe the feelings they are having during an allergic reaction. Health care professionals may have explained to parents the symptoms to look for: hives, vomiting, chest pain, difficulty swallowing, etc. Kids on the other hand my describe things very differently. See the graphics below representing allergic reactions described by kids and share them with other caregivers such as family, teachers, and daycare providers. 


Professional May Describe…

Children May Say…

Cardiovascular System

fainting, lightheadedness,

weak pulse, dizziness, paleness

Cardiovascular System

I’m tired

My heart is beating fast


hives, itchiness,

redness, rashes,

swelling, warmth


My tongue is itchy

My skin is hot and itchy

My mouth is burning

Digestive System

nausea, vomiting, cramps,

diarrhea, abdominal pain

Digestive System

I want to throw up

My stomach hurts

Respiratory System

coughing, tightness or pain in chest,

difficulty swallowing, congestion,

runny nose, airway obstruction

Respiratory System

Something is in my throat

My throat feels thick

My mouth feels funny


Printable Reaction Description Chart

Encourage kids to recognize the symptoms of a reaction and tell someone IMMEDIATELY. Medical attention is needed during a reaction. Both kids and adults around them need to understand how to recognize symptoms and react. 

Symptoms of Allergic Reaction Symptoms of Allergic Reaction


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