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  • Allergy Friendly Gingerbread House

    *UPDATED FOR 2021 A Classic Tradition Building a gingerbread house with your kids can be a fun winter tradition. The easiest thing to do is pick up a kit from the grocery store, break open the package and the house is put together in no time. For many families reading ingredients and avoiding certain foods […]

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  • Food Allergy Cookbooks

    *UPDATED 2021 Finding Safe Recipes Baking on restricted diets can be challenging and it is easy to get bored making the same few safe meals day after day. Many of us have spent time searching for new safe recipes, possibly spending hours looking at all the delicious food allergy recipe blogs by creative chefs. It’s nice to be able to […]

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  • Dairy Substitutes

      Dairy Substitutes It can be challenging to find the right dairy substitutes while baking. Things like cheese, milk, butter, and cream need to be replaced with a suitable alternative. Depending on what you are eliminating from your recipe there are many suitable alternatives to choose from.   Milk Alternatives Nut milk such as cashew, […]

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  • Replacing Nuts In Recipes

      Nut Butter Replacements For sandwiches or recipes that use peanut butter, there are many nut-free alternatives available. If seed allergies are not a concern sunflower seed, pumpkin seed or sesame seed butter can be used. Other nut-free butter spreads are soy nut butter, coconut butter, and pea butter. If you are just avoiding one […]

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  • Best Allergy Friendly Kitchen Appliances

      What’s worth the investment? We have been a food allergy family for almost a decade. When unable to find safe food at the store we try to find a recipe and make our own. Having the right kitchen tools can make or break a recipe. There are such a wide variety of small kitchen […]

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  • Gluten Free Christmas Cookies

      Round-Up of Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies Wintertime is a perfect time to try out some new recipes. Holiday baking can be a bit tricky when you are avoiding main ingredients such as gluten. We put together a list of some tasty gluten-free Christmas cookie recipes from a variety of gluten-free recipe bloggers. Always double-check your […]

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