Food Allergy Word Search

Food Allergy Word Search


Spell and Recognize Allergens with Word Searches

Word searches help children learn their allergens as sight words and learn how to spell them. This can be a great activity for early label reading skills and for kids to practice recognizing their allergens as ingredients.  As parents know, when you are allergic to something like dairy you have to read the label to make sure you are avoiding cheese, lactose, butter etc. Tree nut avoiders can learn to recognize words like almond, pecan, and cashew as types of nuts they can not eat.


Food Allergy Word Search

Three different levels of difficulty are available in each category to help challenge kids. Word searches are available for Dairy Allergy, Egg Allergy, Nut Allergy, Fish Allergy, Shellfish Allergy, General Top 8 Allergens, and Other Common Allergens. Click the word searches below to download free printable activities for kids.


Dairy Word Search Download Nuts Word Search Download
Dairy Allergy  Egg Allergy Nuts Allergy
Top 8 Allergens Download Fish Word Search Download Shellfish Word Search Download
Top 8 Allergens Fish Allergy Shellfish Allergy
 Other Common Allergens Word Search Download    
Other Allergens    


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