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Back to School Shopping for Allergies

Summertime with school-age kids means it is time to restock school supplies and organize for the upcoming school year. If your child has food allergies there may be items on your shopping list to help keep your child safe and their medicine labeled. As a food allergy mom for almost a decade I have made many food allergy-related purchases. Each year it seems I find something else new and helpful. We have a growing collection of medical alert bracelets, epinephrine carriers, and labeling supplies. Check out the list below of products. Contact us if you know of any great allergy-related items to add. Have fun back to school shopping!

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Allergy Alert Bracelets

With so many options for medical alert bracelets, there is no excuse not to wear one.  Keep in mind your child’s activities and what might be easiest for them to wear and what material they may prefer. Some bracelets are available in silicone, metal or paracord. Kids might be more likely to wear something they choose so let them help pick out styles and colors.

  • Handmade by Heroes – A wonderful company offering quality bracelets and key chains handmade by United States Veterans. 
  • TigTagz – Disposable, tear-proof, and sweat-proof ID bracelets.
  • Lauren’s Hope – Wide variety including funky, fun charms with beads and fun designs. There are dog tag necklaces as well.
  • Allermates  – Super cute silicone bracelets great for the littlest kids. 
  • Allerbling – Silicone bracelets can add up to four charms.
  • My Square Id – Custom designs connect to a powerful online medical profile and alert contacts in an emergency.
  • In Case of Emergency – Silicone bracelets allow for customization. These dry off very easily and are great for pool use.
  • Silicone Allergy Bands – Available in a variety of allergies


Allergy Alert Lunch Boxes

Lunchboxes can be used not only to carry an allergen-free lunch but also as a barrier between safe food and the table. If you don’t want to advertise your child’s allergy choose just a personalized lunchbox that will not get accidentally swapped with another unsafe lunch.


Epinephrine Carriers & Medicine Kits

Our family has several epinephrine carriers in rotation. At times we need something insulated, sometimes we need a larger bag to bring additional medicine. We alternate cases depending on where we are going and seasonally so it is nice to have choices.

  • Safety Sack – We use these clear bags for medicine stored at school. The emergency paperwork includes a spot to add a picture of your child. 
  • Alert Wear – Adorable belted medicine carries, purses, and clipped bags sewn in a variety of fun patterns and colors. 
  • Allergy Apparel – Belted epinephrine cases and large medicine cases in a variety of styles.
  • Spi Belt – Discreet and convenient belts that can be worn under clothes and carry many items.
  • PracMedic Cases – Zippered cases can hold epinephrine, insulin, or other medications.
  • Leg Buddy by Omaxcare – Really unique carriers worn on the leg – great if you don’t carry a purse! 
  • Rescue Shot Case – Comes in many different colors.


Ways to Label:

If you have a medicine case or some safe food you may need a way to mark it to make sure others are aware. Stickers, key chains, buttons, tags, and other labeling supplies can help locate epinephrine, mark safe or unsafe snacks, or help distinguish your child’s property.

  • Inchbug – Latex-free, dishwasher safe, labels to stretch over a water bottle or other drink container. Personalized with just name or write “Peanut Allergy”.
  • Lil Allergy Advocates – Personalized stickers, keychains, badges, and stamps to alert to a specific allergen or help locate epinephrine.


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