Valentine’s Day without candy!

Whether you are avoiding candy for a valentine’s treat for food allergy or other reasons there are so many ideas to choose from. Kids can enjoy making cards for their friends with a fun trinket that lasts longer than a piece of candy. There are so many non-candy Valentine ideas to choose from. 

Valentines NonFood Ideas

Classroom Friendly

Classroom parties are often filled with unsafe food for children with dairy allergies, egg allergies, nut allergies or on other restricted diets. Ideally, goody bags, party favors, and Valentines should be fun and inclusive for everyone. Eliminating candy or chocolates can make the party fun, and safe, for everyone. Share the above image to help promote some ideas to think outside the box for Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of unique and creative ideas if you want to add a special non-food treat to your valentines. *Post contains affiliate links


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