Food Free Easter Basket Ideas


Traditionally, Easter baskets are filled with a big chocolate bunny and a lot of candy. Maybe a small toy or two makes their way into the basket. If you are looking to take some of the emphasis away from all that candy, consider some candy alternatives to fill the baskets. *post contains affiliate links


Food Free Easter Basket Ideas


Smaller Food Free “Egg Stuffers” Ideas

Check out this list below for tiny-sized items that will fit inside eggs other than candy. Amazon also sells pre-filled Easter Eggs with cute little toys already inside too! That eliminates the work of filling the eggs! Especially those of us who wait until the last minute to prepare for an Easter Egg Hunt. Any of these can also be placed in the Easter basket.


In a Hurry? Buy Prefilled Eggs


Empty Eggs to Fill


Fun Easter Grass alternatives

Easter grass is that crinkly, stringy plastic or kraft paper material that comes in bright colors and fills the bottom of an Easter Basket. It is available in many colors and materials. There are some DIY tutorials online on how to make your own which is a bit more environmentally friendly too. It may not appeal to you to use since it’s not exactly safe for little kids who may try to put it in their mouths. 


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