Egg Free Cookie Recipes

Egg-Free Cookie Recipes

Eliminating eggs from a recipe, either due to food allergies or a vegan diet can be tricky. Check out our curated list of egg free cookie recipes below. Substitutions can be made to make these recipes safe for other allergies as well. For a dairy-free recipe try replacing with coconut milk, almond milk or margarine. Nut-butter can be replaced with sunflower butter or choose from a variety of crunchy textures to replace the texture of nuts in a recipe. *post may contain affiliate links

Egg Free Cookie Recipes


Egg Substitutions

Want to convert a recipe to an egg-free recipe? The trick to making a perfectly delicious egg-free treat is determining the best substitutes for eggs in that recipe. Leavening agents add a light fluffiness to a baked good. Those are best for cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pancakes, waffles, and meringues. Binding agents add a thicker denser quality to food. These substitutes are best for meatloaf, quick bread, quiches, corn bread, and casseroles. Try swapping out one egg with one of the following replacements:

Substitutes for Eggs


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