Food Allergy Shark Coloring Pages

Free Printable with Shark Theme.

Kids with food allergies need to learn early that there are certain foods that are not safe for them to eat. Talking about allergies and learning to spell and recognize their allergens is a great way to practice for label reading. Kids can have fun with coloring pages with cute shark designs while parents and caregivers talk to them about what is and is not safe for them to eat. Below are a few free printable coloring pages for use at home or school. I only take safe bites, I only chomp on safe food, and I don’t chomp on my allergens food allergy shark coloring pages. Coloring pages have shark design and places to write in your allergens. 

Click on the links below to download the pdfs. 

Shark Coloring Pages1 Shark Coloring Pages2 Shark Coloring Pages3
I only take safe bites I only chomp on safe food I don’t chomp on “__”