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  • food allergy placemats Food Allergy Placemats

    New product: Food Allergy Placemats Shop our online store through Zazzle to order a personalized cloth food allergy placemat. Placemats are 20″ x 14″ made of 100% woven cotton, made in the USA and machine washable. Designs include allergen symbols, cute robots, bunnies, photo and holiday themed designs. More designs will be added soon so check back […]

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  • Food Allergy Bag Tag Food Allergy Bag Tag

    Personalized Allergy Alert Bag Tag One of our popular personalized allergy items is the large double sided luggage tag. Luggage tags can be attached to children’s medicine kits, book bags, lunch boxes or safe snack totes. Images and text on the tag can warn others not to feed your child specific foods or offer contact information […]

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  • allergy alert button Product Spotlight: Allergy Alert Button

      Personalized Pinback Buttons One of our popular personalized allergy items is the pinback button. These buttons come in a variety of sizes and designs. Pinback buttons can be attached to children’s clothing to warn others not to feed your child. These are especially useful for younger or nonverbal children. Buttons can also be attached […]

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  • Food Free Easter Basket Ideas Food Free Easter Basket Ideas

    Traditionally, Easter baskets are filled with a big chocolate bunny and a lot of candy. Maybe a small toy or two makes their way into the basket. If you are looking to take some of the emphasis away from all that candy, consider some candy alternatives to fill the baskets.  Have an idea for a […]

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  • Custom Photo Food Allergy Alert Custom Photo Food Allergy Alert

      Custom Photo Food Allergy Alerts For Kids Customize these stickers, labels, business cards, pin back buttons and luggage style tags with your child’s photo, specific allergies, and contact information. Use a custom photo food allergy alert to help caregivers remember your child’s medical information. Uses for labels: Attach directly to medicine or medicine kit […]

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  • Food Free Birthday Ideas Food Free Birthday Ideas For School

      Food Free & Inclusive  Many schools have opted for food-free birthday celebrations for the classroom. Non-food celebrations are more inclusive for ALL students with food allergies or other dietary restrictions. Besides allergies, there are other reasons to keep food out of the classroom. Have you ever cleaned up spilled red fruit punch or milk? […]

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