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  • Food Allergy Match and Identify Printables Food Allergy Match and Identify Printables

      Practice recognizing allergens These fun, free, food allergy match and identify printables help kids identify their allergens. Match the word with the picture of each of the top 8 allergens and identify which foods contain certain allergens.  Talk to your child about which of the foods are possibly unsafe and cross those out and color the safe […]

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  • Children’s Food Allergy Books

      Children’s Books Discussing Food Allergies With the rise in food allergies, especially among children, there is also a growing number of authors including food allergy themes in children’s books. Children can read stories about other kids – or bugs or monkeys in some cases – navigate play dates, parties and school with peanut, dairy or multiple allergies. Not only […]

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  • Allergic Reactions Described Allergic Reactions Described

      Kids vs Health Care Professionals Kids, especially young children, might not easily describe the feelings they are having during an allergic reaction. Health care professionals may have explained to parents the symptoms to look for: hives, vomiting, chest pain, difficulty swallowing etc. Kids on the other hand my describe things very differently. See the […]

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  • top 8 free snacks Top 8 Free Snacks

    Top 8 Free Snacks Finding tasty and somewhat healthy snacks when avoiding one or more allergens can be tricky. Some products seem safe until you read the teeny tiny print on a label that says ‘may contain traces of’ or ‘processed in shared facility with’ an allergen that you need to avoid.  We found some […]

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  • Food Allergy Cookbooks Food Allergy Cookbooks

      Finding Safe Recipes Baking on restricted diets can be challenging and it is easy to get bored making the same few safe meals day after day. Many of us have spent time searching for new safe recipes, possibly spending hours looking at all the delicious food allergy recipe blogs by creative chefs. It’s nice to be able to add […]

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  • Food Allergy Friendly Bakeries Food Allergy Friendly Bakeries

    Special (Allergy Friendly) Delivery! Below is a list of a few bakeries that cater to special diets. While compiling this list we tried to find bakeries that clearly expressed their allergen policies, stated their ingredients and offered some items that were free of at least one of the top 8 major allergens. Some bakeries specialize […]

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