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  • Gluten Free Christmas Cookies

      Round-Up of Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies Wintertime is a perfect time to try out some new recipes. Holiday baking can be a bit tricky when you are avoiding main ingredients such as gluten. We put together a list of some tasty gluten-free Christmas cookie recipes from a variety of gluten-free recipe bloggers. Always double-check your […]

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  • Egg Free Cookie Recipes

      Egg-Free Cookie Round-Up Eliminating eggs from a recipe, either due to food allergies or a vegan diet can be tricky. Check out our curated list of egg-free cookie recipes below. Substitutions can be made to make these recipes safe for other allergies as well. For a dairy-free recipe try replacing it with coconut milk, […]

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  • Food Allergy Friendly Bakeries

    *UPDATED 2021 Special (Allergy Friendly) Delivery! Below is a list of a few bakeries that cater to special diets. While compiling this list we tried to find bakeries that clearly expressed their allergen policies, stated their ingredients, and offered some items that were free of at least one of the top 8 major allergens. Some […]

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  • Non Candy Valentine Ideas

    *UPDATED 2021 Valentine’s Day without candy! Whether you are avoiding candy for a valentine’s treat for food allergy or other reasons there are so many ideas to choose from. Kids can enjoy making cards for their friends with a fun trinket that lasts longer than a piece of candy. There are so many non-candy Valentine ideas […]

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  • Food Allergy Recipe Blogs

      Food Allergy Friendly Cooking Eliminating or avoiding certain foods, or many food groups means getting creative with ingredients. Luckily, there are so many talented, resourceful chefs who have figured out tasty substitutions. Below is a list of food allergy recipe blogs or websites that deal with the unique challenges of food allergy cooking. Many […]

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  • Substitutes for Eggs

      Egg-Free Baking Egg allergies can be a challenge when baking. Most standard recipes for baked goods contain egg as either a binding or leavening agent. The trick to making a perfectly delicious egg-free treat is figuring out which is the best substitute for eggs for each recipe.   Substitutes Equal One Egg Leavening Agents […]

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