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  • Food Free Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

      Food Free Easter Egg Hunt Ideas Easter egg hunts are a fun tradition for kids. If your child has food allergies, Celiac Disease or is on a restricted diet it might be easier and safer to put non-food items. Having non-food items in the eggs means everyone can participate safely so these ideas are […]

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  • Food Free Valentines

      Less Food, More Fun Need some ideas for food-free valentines? Valentine’s day often brings on tons of candy and baked goods. This can be an issue with dealing with food allergies or other dietary restrictions. Many classroom parties for kids are suggesting non-food treats which are a healthier and often less messy option. Avoiding […]

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  • candy free valentines Candy Free Valentines Ideas

    Less Candy, More Fun Need some Ideas for candy free, healthy Valentines? Whether you are avoiding using food in Valentines due to food allergies, celiac or other dietary restrictions or you just want to be a bit healthier we found some clever ideas. Here are some cute and creative ideas. Many of the links have free printables […]

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  • Halloween Allergy Alerts Halloween Food Allergy Alerts

      Halloween Allergy Alerts Allergy Alert! Please do not feed me! Personalized Halloween allergy alerts for kids. Kids can wear fun Halloween themed alert shirts, buttons, and stickers and carry festive treat bags. Designs include witches, vampires, ghosts and skeletons carrying teal pumpkins. Shop our online store through Zazzle to order our Halloween allergy alert products.  We offer a […]

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  • Babysitter Emergency Info Forms

    Food allergy specific emergency forms for sitters Easy to fill out and read babysitter emergency info forms give caregivers important information at a quick glance. Leave a detailed listing of contact information, safe snacks, allergies and other important info. Write out clearly the emergency action plan and what to do when calling 911 if needed. Babysitter […]

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