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  • Allergy Friendly Treats

    *UPDATED 2021 Allergy-Friendly Candy, Cookies and Chocolates For the purposes of this list ‘allergy-friendly treats’ means these companies clearly have an allergen statement declaring ingredients and are free of at least one major allergen. Please always make sure to read labels and double-check all ingredients. Follow the links to find more information on each brand. […]

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  • Allergy Free Valentine Candy

    *UPDATED 2021 Allergy-Free Valentine Candy  The Christmas season is over! We have made allergy-friendly gingerbread houses, gluten-free cookies, and eaten all the nut-free advent calendar candy. Now it’s time to plan the yummy goodies we can find for the next holiday – Valentine’s Day!  We compiled a list of some options for allergy-safe chocolate and […]

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  • Top 8 Free Snacks

    *UPDATED FOR 2021 Top 8 Free Snacks Finding tasty and somewhat healthy snacks when avoiding one or more allergens can be tricky. Some products seem safe until you read the teeny tiny print on a label that says ‘may contain traces of’ or ‘processed in a shared facility with’ an allergen that you need to […]

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  • Allergy Friendly Easter Candy

    *UPDATED 2021 Allergy-Friendly Easter Candy Bunny, Easter egg, and chick-themed chocolates and candy seem to be in every store leading up to Easter. If you are dealing with a food allergy, it is not always as easy to grab the first pastel-colored bunny-shaped treat to fill your child’s basket. We have found a few allergy-friendly […]

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  • Faux Egg Decorating Ideas

      Egg Decorating Alternatives for Egg Allergies and Vegans Easter egg decorating can be a very fun tradition especially for kids. But not everyone can, or wants to, participate using real eggs. Whether you are vegan or have a child with an egg allergy, there are plenty of other Easter decorating options. Even better these […]

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  • Food Free Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

      Food Free Easter Egg Hunt Ideas Easter egg hunts are a fun tradition for kids. If your child has food allergies, Celiac Disease or is on a restricted diet it might be easier and safer to put non-food items. Having non-food items in the eggs means everyone can participate safely so these ideas are […]

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